Team Bios

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Ron Green – Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement & Youth Exercise Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Even though I exercised and watched what I ate for most of my life, while working in the fast-paced restaurant industry, I still struggled with my weight. After exercising regularly every week for years I realized something was missing and keeping me from reaching my fitness goals. It seemed I had the Heart required to improved but lacked the Focus to help myself.  With this in mind, I chose to make a new investment.  I began working with a personal trainer and it changed my life.  For the first time, I started reaching my fitness goals.

With renewed Focus, I became passionate about sharing my story with others. As friends and family began asking me for advice about improving their own health, I was inspired to get the education and training I would need to help them see these changes in their life.  I studied and became certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

My education gave me the Power to improve the lives of others, demonstrating to me the need for Heart, Focus, and Power as the blueprint for my lifestyle and the basis for my Fitness System.

I am energized by the team I’ve assembled here at PT Fitness.  They inspire me daily with their dedication to our clientele, each other, and our community.  I invite you to join us and let PT Fitness help you find the Heart, Focus, and Power to be your best.


20130817-IMG_1092 (2)Nancy McBride – Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss & Behavioral Change Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Nancy started working out with PT Fitness the summer of 2010 as she was looking to enhance her health and fitness.  She found that with PT Fitness!  Seeing what a difference regular cardio and strength training made in her own life, her Heart led her to become a Certified Personal Trainer and pass that knowledge and experience on to others.

Nancy’s Focus is on creating a fun workout experience for her clients using positive motivation and feedback so they can realize their personal potential.  Her training mantra “Your pace, your workout, your best” can be heard quite often at the PT Fitness Training Facility.  Nancy’s main focus is working with clients of above average size looking to lose a more significant amount of weight, and get them on the right path to reach their personal goals.

Nancy had personally struggled with diet and weight loss for a good part of her childhood and adult life.  She fully understands the ups and downs of not only the scale, but the emotional roller coaster that goes along with that journey.  Now that she has been able to maintain a 150lb weight loss for over 12 years, she has a deep desire to work with clients facing similar challenges and give them the Power to change their lives.  See Nancy’s before and after pics!

Check out Nancy's podcast interview from Half Size Me


IMG_0207 (3)Sharon Cole – Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Sharon joined PT Fitness in the summer of 2013.  Certified through NASM’s Certified Personal Trainer program, her eclectic background in movement and the arts has given her an advantage when it comes to training.  At an early age, Sharon was involved in gymnastics and ballet.  She also has experience in cheerleading, drumline, and several other types of movement including Yoga and African Dance and Belly Dancing.  Along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, this accumulation of skills has been the driving force behind Sharon’s motivation and love of training.

The health and fitness world can be intimidating, and it can be a challenge just learning where to start!  The Heart of Sharon’s practice is to make others believe that anyone, at any level or starting point, can do it.  It drives her to be real, to practice self-control, live a life of moderation, and share her daily human struggles that everyone faces.  Her Focus is to ensure that her clients understand that health and fitness is not a destination, but a journey, and we are all in it together.  Learn to enjoy the process even more so than the results. Sharon finds Power in knowing that clients can turn to her and receive a relatable response.  She tries to live HER best life, and wants everyone to do the same without the stress of comparing themselves to others.





Brittany Bechtold – Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Brittany grew up playing all types of sports. She was constantly involved in basketball and almost every style of dance. Health became a more crucial part of her life when she began facing health problems in her teenage years. Over time, she learned that she had to make drastic changes to her diet. Through the struggle of wanting to feel good, she found herself getting certified as a personal trainer through NASM.

Brittany’s Heart is advocating for those who have a hard time motivating themselves. She understands the ups and downs it takes to start. Her Focus comes from reminding clients that this is a lifestyle and it is all about balance. She believes change happens from the inside out. When you push past your comfort zones, you will see your best self. Brittany’s Power comes from creating challenging work outs, while maintaining proper form and paying extra attention to detail so clients avoid injuries and get optimal results. She wants you feeling good from the inside out and is looking forward to being a part of your journey.





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Tramaine Davenport – Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Tramaine joined the PT Fitness team in the summer of 2016. He has been active as early as he can remember.  With a background in football, baseball, basketball, track and field, Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Army Physical Fitness program, Olympic lifting and powerlifting, Tramaine brings a multi-faceted approach to fitness.

Even though Tramiane was involved in sports and physical activities most of his life, his Heart for a career in fitness was sparked by none other than Ron Green himself.  Working with Ron in the food service industry, Tramaine was a witness to the transformation in Ron’s mind and body.  With the inability to hire his own personal trainer, Tramaine set out on a self-study route to conquer the plateaus in his own fitness journey.  This paid off in spring of 2016 when he became certified as a personal trainer through NASM.

Growing up in a military home and later pursuing his own military career has given him a no-nonsense, lead from the front Focus in fitness.  He loves to have fun as long as the work is done, but when it is grind time, look out!! Tramaine also understands that everyone comes from somewhere, and not everyone has the same starting point.  Knowing this, he takes pride in being able to work with people to uncover their own Focus, turning on the light switch and driving them to accomplish what was once deemed impossible.

Tramaine’s Power is no longer defined by his own accomplishments, but by the accomplishments of others and their goals.  These include helping individuals lose weight that they never imagined would come off and leading people to strength gains that were once deemed impossible.  Others’ wins are Tramaine’s win, and drives his passion for fitness.

Morgan Burns – Marketing/Social Media

Morgan joined the PT Fitness team as the social media manager in the Fall of 2014.  Morgan graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Strategic Communications from Texas Christian University in 2011, and then graduated with a Masters degree in Communication Studies in 2013.  She has experience working with non-profit, property management and city government entities. 

Morgan oversees the social media and marketing efforts for PT Fitness.  She enjoys promoting the active and healthy lifestyle that PT Fitness teaches its clients.