How do I register? 

  1. Go to www.ptfitnessbootcamp.com/registration
  2. Click the “join now” button
  3. Select desired membership and click “make purchase” and then “checkout”
  4.  Follow the prompts to either log in or create a new user account

Troubleshooting/enable cookies on registration page: click here  What is a cookie and why do we use them?  click here

When does the next class start?  You may start bootcamp any time you would like.  Check website for updated dates and times –
Class Schedule

What if can’t make my class time one day. Can I attend another time? Yes. Check the class schedule for other available class times!
What if I can’t attend class Monday through Friday?  PT Fitness also offers “drop ins”.

Is there a women only class?  Yes.  The Highland Park 5:30am class  is women only.  All other are co-ed.

How many people are in a group class? We like to keep our classes small, 10-25 people

What if I want my own group class? Get nine or more people to sign up and we will come to you.

How old do you have to be to participate in class? 18 or older.

What style is your class? Is it military-like and are people yelling?  Our classes are focused on fitness.  We offer body weight circuit training at your own pace with cardiovascular strength and endurance focus.  They are fun and upbeat with motivating instructors!

What is Above Average Class?
Above Average Class is a class exclusively geared to individuals of above average size looking to lose weight. It is a “Go at your own pace” workout that allows to you adapt the exercises to your specific fitness level. As you get fit, we make the workout a better fit for you.

Can anyone attend Above Average Class?  How do I qualify?
There is not a specific weight you need to be to attend Above Average Class. However since the class is geared towards people looking to lose more weight than the average person, we typically suggest it for those who are looking to lose (roughly) 30 lbs. or more.

When do you have Above Average classes?
Classes are held in four week sessions Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at 5:45pm

Can I purchase a gift card online if I do not have a current profile?  No, You must have a profile in order to purchase a gift card.  Once you select the gift card option it will walk you through how to set up your own account.  Then click DELIVERY DATE after the account is created to send it to that special someone!

How do I redeem my PT Fitness Gift Card?  Your printed or virtual gift card will include a unique Gift Card number. Select the item or membership in our store that you wish to purchase using your gift card. Select “make purchase”. DO NOT PUT GIFT CARD # IN PROMO CODE BOX. Instead, proceed by clicking the “check out” button. Here you can enter your Gift Card #  in the order summary section. Enter billing info, and select “place order”.  Already have a membership? Log into your account, and go to the online store. Select “account payments”. In the drop down menu, select “account payment”. Here you will enter your gift card amount, and your cart will reflect this amount. Click “check out” (YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED). On the following screen, you can enter your gift card # and select “place order”. Your gift card dollar amount will then be credited to your account to use towards purchases such as water or swag. In order to apply it to your next auto-drafted membership payment, please email ron@ptfitnessbootcamp.com and we can make it happen!

How do I freeze my account?  Email your trainer with a 30 day notice and your intentions to freeze your account. Account can be frozen for $6/mo. No limitations. Membership can be turned back on with an email notifying your trainer of your return date.